Sketches of a cactus

Welcome to the new website!

Wow! Getting this little site done has been a long time coming. Thank you for stopping by. We appreciate you visiting our little corner of the internet. It's still a work in progress (and probably always will be) but done is better than perfect as they say. I tried for years to make a site that everyone would want to go to and be wowed by, and a place that people could visit everyday to see more cool stuff. In doing that, I got paralyzed by all the options and features and ended up doing none of it because it was sucking up so much time. And let's face it.... I'm no pro website builder. So I was having to learn everything and it was exhausting so I would take a break and the cycle would repeat. 

So I scrapped/shelved all the grand plans and decided to just get the site up and build features on as we go. Or not, who knows. I'm super happy that it's up and we have a place to have our home base on the web. So again, thanks for visiting. 

As far as this blog goes.... does anyone even read blogs anymore? Does everyone just kind of do that on Facebook since that's where everyone is now? I don't know. This blog will be a variety of things. I can show behind the scenes in more detail than on social media, we can update our flosstube videos here, talk about what's going on with us, and whatever other fun things we feel like sharing. 

In the interest of sharing, check out a sketch I did of this cactus family when I was working on our pattern, Three's Company.

sketch of cactus characters

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LOL yes some of us still read blogs. The website looks great!


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