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Cassandra's Bewitching Box of Mystery

Cassandra's Bewitching Box of Mystery

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***extras will be launched on Tuesday Oct 24th at 1 pm mountain time***  It will include everything the first box did MINUS the custom box!  

The 2023 limited Halloween mystery box is here!!!!!

Once these sell out, they are gone forever!  Don't miss this box!  This will be a little more standard box than you are used to from us but without all the extra fluff (so we could price it lower)!  But this is going to be soooooo awesome!!!  We are including something completely new that Autumn Lane Stitchery has never done!!!! Be the first to have one!  You will NOT want to miss it!

 Will begin shipping Mid-Late September!!! (International packages will be sent first)

While this is a mystery, here are some things you can count on being in this box*:

1. Exclusive Autumn Lane Stitchery KIT

2. Other exclusive Autumn Lane Stitchery patterns!

3. A special artist print (postcard size) of Aaron's original drawing of one of the exclusive cross stitch patterns.

(The Artist edition box contains a larger, signed and numbered limited print)

4. Cassandra's stitching necessity she can't live without!

5. And more.......... (queue evil laugh......)


-Note-- The box isn't going to be horror-themed. It will just be based around the Halloween theme and could be a little spooky!

***Items supplied in our box are designed specifically for this box and will be exclusive to box buyers first.  They will be released to other customers in our store about 10 months after the box's release.

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