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Cassandra's All Hallows' Eve Mystery Box

Cassandra's All Hallows' Eve Mystery Box

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The FIRST-EVER limited Halloween mystery box carefully curated by Cassandra and designed by Aaron.  Once these sell out, they are gone forever!  Don't miss this box!  The love that has gone into this box by both Cassandra and Aaron will make it really really next-level!   

-Note-- The box isn't going to be horror-themed. It will just be based around the Halloween theme and could be a little spooky!

 Will begin shipping SEPTEMBER 15TH!!!


While most is a mystery, here are a few things you can count on in our boxes:

1. An exclusive Autumn Lane Stitchery Pattern ONLY available in this box! *

2. Your choice of Linen or Aida fabric dyed by none other than the amazing Brandy Prather of BESTITCHME

3. All thread needed for the exclusive Halloween pattern.

4. A special Artist print (postcard size) of Aaron's original drawing of the exclusive cross stitch pattern.

(The other box contains a larger, signed and numbered print)

5. PLUS A SPECIAL BONUS CROSS STITCH PATTERN*! This is something we have never done, but have wanted to and planned to do for a looooooong time!  It will be cool!

6. Other stitchy items specifically designed to coordinate with the pattern designed by us from Autumn Lane Stitchery

7. Other Halloween stitch goodies 

8. Other Halloween themed items 

9. And a treat.  Because, ya know.  Treats are good.  


***Both patterns supplied in our box are designed specifically for this box and will be released in this box first.  They will be released to other customers in our store 6-12 months after the release of this box.

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